July 17, 2021

Tales for Everyone - Jack and the Giants

Tales for Everyone - Jack and the Giants

Tonight we have an antiquated version of the old family favourite, except with fewer beanstalks. And many more giants. Author unknown

Tonight we have a story of giants, and a very famous giant slayer. A story of knights and ladies, captives and cookery, a story of trickery, of bravery, and of chivalry. 

Presenting "Jack and the Giants", a story in the same vein as Jack and the Beanstalk, but without the beanstalk. And with many, many more giants. The author of this particular version is unknown, but this was published in 1851.

In true "old fairy tale" style, there is a lot of sword swinging and head chopping and damsel rescuing, and so I do hope you enjoy this episode. Please let me know if you do by leaving a rating or review, and subscribing to the show.

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