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Tales by the Fireside

I’m so glad Joe is back. This is one of my favorites podcasts for my insomnia. It works! Joe has the perfect voice & his stories are just right for lulling me to sleep. I check his site often to see if a new episode has been released because I know listening to him will help me have a good night’s sleep.

So wonderful!!!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast. It’s lovely! I especially enjoyed “Benjamin Button”, which I listened to last night and again this morning. Your voice is so soothing yet melodic & your readings a profoundly well done. Thank you! ‘TheCanterville Ghost’ is also wonderful! Keep doing what you’re doing, we love it!

Really love listening

I’ve only recently discovered this podcast, and have really enjoyed the stories. The background noise of the fire is such a nice touch. The last couple of years have honestly messed with my sleep and it’s great that there are people out there like Joe, that are helping people like me just feel a little less alone in the dark. Hope you make some more of these Joe, you’ve done a great job, and hope you know that you’re making a difference

Oh Joe…

You are absolutely incredible. I can’t tell you how much your sessions have helped me gain peace and solitude, allowing a safe space to fall asleep in. Thank you so so so much for your most recent update. Thank you for reminding me to always hold on to hope. I just knew you would come back. You are amazing. This community is all because of your work. Thank you a million for your voice, candid truth, and the dedicated time and care you put into all of this. Now off to sleep for me! Full of hope and gratitude ☺️💤

Thank you

Sending good thoughts your way. The new career sounds amazing. Look forward to following your journey. I have enjoyed and benefited from the fireside stories. Keep on keeping on.

Big fan

Very excited to find such a great story podcast. Content, delivery, and voice are outstanding. I only wish I would have found it sooner.


I’ve been listening to these sleep stories for about a week now and I’ve never seen something work this well! I can never seem to get past the first few minutes before I’m knocked out asleep. Please do continue with these lovely sleep stories!!!


Amazing work wish you made more


Finally I found the perfect narrator with the perfect bedtime stories. I hope there’s more to come.

So wonderful!!!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast. It’s lovely! I especially enjoyed “Benjamin Button”, which I listened to last night and again this morning. Your voice is so soothing yet melodic & your readings a profoundly well done. Thank you!

✨Amazing! ✨

I absolutely adore this podcast. It helps me fall asleep. Joe’s voice is so calm and the whole podcast is so easy to listen to. Pls make more! 🔥

I stumbled into this Treasure

I absolutely adore your voice. Its both peaceful and illustrative. Your story selections are perfect— something for everyone. I’ll be sad when I finish all 101. Hope you are doing well and know that this Podcast is a real treasure. Thank You for It.

This is really good🙂

I love this podcast I mean I put this on for me in sleep or when I’m still awake. I mean my mom loves this podcast already and she told me of the podcast at first! Anyways you are the best fit for this storytelling job! Keep up the great work👌

Thank you

I am a fan in West Virginia in the USA.

Interesting stories

I enjoy listening to stories I would not normally read. Not too long, not too short. He has a good voice for narration

Hecking great

Nice voice, and stories that are engaging enough so as to not be boring. Great podcast, wish he would keep uploading!

Love this Podcast but…

I love listening to Joe’s voice and hearing the stories. He has such a peaceful, soothing voice!! I really hope he comes out with more stories…BUT I can never finish a story!! I always fall asleep within 10 minutes!! 😂 I’ve listened to one story all week and still haven’t finished it! Last week I listened to the story during the day so I could hear the whole thing!!! He puts me to sleep in no time!! I work at a daycare, and today, I am letting them listen to one of his children stories, and they have never laid so still before falling asleep!!!

Great podcast!

This guy is an amazing narrator and his impressions and voices are great. All the stories have been interesting and well done. I highly recommend all of his podcasts. I hope he keeps doing more.

Thank you

This has helped my anxiety and has allowed me to fall asleep very fast and to sleep deeply. I needed this :). Hope you start making new episodes soon. I really like the sci-fi ones, especially ones dealing with space.

Thank you Joe!

I feel remiss in not writing sooner, I have been listening to you on Spotify for most of a month. Interestingly, I am not using the podcasts as a sleep aid - I like them when I’m driving. I have not availed myself of the meditations and have only listened to the kid friendly ones a bit with my children. This has been more for me - I started with the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, followed with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, dipped in Dickens, Fitzgerald, and more recently have enjoyed Feline Red and am in the middle of Keira’s Quest (what an awesome reading of the Guj part - the assistant to the witch queen!) I really appreciate the care you take with your readings - how you honor each character and each writer. Really good stuff Joe - thank you!


A bit scary

Great bedtime stories for young and old

My son and I love these stories. They’re great when us parents are too tired to read 😅. I usually listen to one with him and if I don’t fall asleep one for myself. Thanks!

What a treat!

I have too often fallen asleep (or not) to disturbing current events podcasts, so have given this Fireside a go, and love it! Last night was Sinbad the Sailor, whom I’ve heard of my whole life but never read. It’s comforting to listen to, Joe’s voice and intonation are great, and I’m taken back to the childhood days when I would fall asleep to a story from my parents, and sleep so deeply.


I have really bad anxiety and stress. Joe has helped me fall asleep so fast. I like how there’s some for kids and some for adults. Very good podcast for sleep, would recommend!

Thank you!

You help me sleep.

Five stars

I can’t say much more than “five stars” since I keep falling asleep so quickly!

Love all except the music

I really love this podcast except 1 thing. The final music that’s played at the end, when you’re hopefully fast asleep is slightly too loud and wakes me up again. So irritating as the rest is great. Really soothing voice, well read stories.

My message

These stories are amazing so my message to hater are that you guys have no taste in life

Great nighttime podcast

The first one I listened to was “the girl who dreamed of sleep” it wasn’t long enough that I fell asleep during it so I just made a playlist. I love the crackling fire background noise and I love that the narrators voice is so calming.

Love Kira’s story!!!!! 😍🥰

Make a third please!!! It’ssss so good 😊. If you haven’t seen this story you have to!!!!! Here’s a preview there’s a guy named Zack who is a prince 👑. The Evil 🦹‍♀️ Queen 👸 who tried to kill him but his mother protected her. Please watch!!!!!! :) PS are you making another one