Aug. 8, 2021

Tales for Children - The Girl Who Dreamed of Sleep

Tales for Children - The Girl Who Dreamed of Sleep

Our story tonight is a wonderful look at how we can improve our sleeping habits and improve our quality of life. Written by Gemma Clatworthy

Tonight we have a story of a girl, who just couldn't sleep. A story of bad sleeping habits, and helpful animals. A story of changing your routines to sleep better.

Presenting "The Girl Who Dreamed of Sleep", written by Gemma Clatworthy. 

You can purchase this wonderful little book for yourself on Amazon: 

There are some truly valuable and useful sleep tips here, put into a form that really makes it easy to understand and adopt into your own routines. I strongly urge you to take these lessons to heart and introduce them into your own lives, the benefits will be amazing.

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