April 24, 2021

Tales for Children - Sleep Story Collection

Tales for Children - Sleep Story Collection

A selection of wonderful sleep stories for children. Written by Carolyn Watson-Dubisch, Maya Page and Shanita Allen.

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Tonight, we have a series of short stories. Stories about fireflies and puppies, about bear cubs and dreaming. Of flying and sailing and swimming and dancing. Stories, of sleep and dreams

Presenting four stories tonight. Firstly “Fireflies” written by Carolyn Watson-Dubisch, followed by “Never Been Thirstier” by Maya Page, then with “Let’s go Dreaming” and finally “Sleep, Tiny Dreamer” written by Shanita Allen.

A truly wonderful selection of stories, the links of which will be in the description. All of these books have marvellous illustrations and would suit any bedtime.



Never Been Thirstier:


Let’s Go Dreaming and Sleep, Tiny Dreamer:


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