Sept. 16, 2020

Tales for Children - Little Daylight

Tales for Children - Little Daylight

This is a reading of "Little Daylight" by George MacDonald.
A story of princes and princesses, of curses and counter curses. Of moonlight. 

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Weekly stories for both adults and children, Specially crafted to help you sleep. 

Old favourites, new creations and interesting information carefully selected and read for you, with the sole intention of giving you a good nights sleep. 

Designed for you to press play, maximise the screen and put your device down, with the crackling of the fire to soothe you, and the story to play out in your mind.

Should you wish to have you own, custom story written and told on Tales by the Fireside, please comment on any of our videos or message our Facebook page with character names, a setting, and any moral you may wish to convey, and we may be able to tell your own Tale.

Please, get comfortable, let go of the daylight, and join me for a story.

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