March 31, 2021

Tales for Adults - In The Year 2889

Tales for Adults - In The Year 2889

A Tale about the far future, from the perspective of the past. Written by Jules Verne and Michael Verne

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Tonight, we have a story about the far future, written from the perspective of the past. A story of telephotes and commutators, of editors and ambassadors, of newspapers and reporters. A story of one day in the life of the busiest man in the world.

Proudly presenting “In The Year 2889” written by Jules and Michael Verne in 1889. This story was originally published under the well known and famous name Jules Verne (of Around the World in 80 Days and Journey to the Centre of the Earth fame) but has since been seen to be more the work of his son, Michael, working in partnership with his father and publishing this work.

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