Oct. 18, 2020

Poetry by the Fireside - The War Years Pentalogy

Poetry by the Fireside - The War Years Pentalogy

A series of poems that capture the essence of the upheaval of the early 20th century. Written by Neil Willis

Tonight we have something a little different. When I initially started reaching out to other authors and poets to see if anyone would like to submit work to be read on the podcast, Neil Willis was among the first to make contact. A very talented poet with a very clear and infectious passion for what he writes. I am very proud to present the War Years Pentalogy, a series of poems that capture the cost of World War 1, the joy of the Roaring 20s, and then finally the heartache and romance that can be found in many stories of World War 2. I would like to sincerely thank Neil for allowing me to read his work.

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